Tired of feeding hungry video games?

  Did you know that the average cost of playing a new video game today is $1.50 per play (some are more)? The average game last approximately 2 minutes. An average child age 8-14 can spend $20 in less than 45 minutes, add 15 minutes for grins and that still $20 bucks an hour per child, in younger children its spent even faster. 

Mom & Dad I know your tired of going in regular arcades and spending big-big bucks and the fun stops after about an hour or less because you've already spent $75 - $100.

It's a sad fact but that's what a family of 3 spends on an average outing. What's worse is that amount of money only last less than 1.5 hrs at best.

Question 1: What would you say if I told you for the about same amount of money you could play as long as you like, all day?

I can hear you already--"That would be great" you say! 


Question 2: What would you say if I told you you could play as long as you like ?


( AWESOME comes to mind here )

Well then, hello and welcome to:

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Family Amusement Center

Home of the


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Tornado Terry's is over 5500 sq. ft. of indoor family fun place to go! We have 2 great areas to play in. The TOKEN ZONE and the famous FREE ZONE ! If you're like most people you're thinking there has to be a catch. The only catch is you have to pay $15.00 per person to enter the Free Zone, after that its all FREE- Yes I said FREE- Push the start button and away you go! Even the most non-game playing person will find something to play. We have a very wide selection of games. What the heck, you can try them all because they are all FREE! 

No tokens are used in the Free Zone-Period. You will not hear  "I'm out of tokens" in the Free Zone. The Free Zone is over 70 Free games to play and ranges from your old favorites like Ms Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong Jr and Galaga (we even have a primo Q Bert & Popeye, Pac <an Jr, to state of the art machines like Crusin BLAST, Jurassic Park, twin "Fast and the Furious Super Bikes" or twin Dirty Drivin's. Do you like Air Hockey or Billiards?  You do! - that's great because its included in the Free Zone ! The Free Zone is approx. 80% of what we have to offer. 

So, now your probably wondering what's not free? Well, the Token Zone is the remaining 20% of what we have to offer and is completely separate to the free zone so you know what's what. The games in the Token Zone all operate on tokens, and tokens are available at a discount. You can get 100 tokens for $20 any time you are here. Most of the games in the Token Zone give out tickets or candy, depending on the game. Tickets can be traded at the redemption counter for prizes. We would like to run these types of games on free but due to the nature of the games they will not operate in that fashion.

Tornado Terry's is great for birthday and team parties! Combine the Free Zone with the Token zone and the custom painted/decorated room and you have the making for one of the easiest parties you've ever done. Check out the party package on the main page.  We even have private parties and private team parties available!IM001173.JPG (690752 bytes)IM001176.JPG (730764 bytes)

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Tornado Terry's Party Room, seats 24 comfortably

Tornado Terry's T shirts are bargain priced @ $10 ea. and when you wear the shirt to Tornado Terry's you save $2.50 on the door price! Better than that, if you have a birthday party at Tornado Terry's you'll get one FREE!! 

While playing all those games you may get hungry, if so, we have a concession area with all types of chips, candy and snacks with low tax included pricing to boot!

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon, Terry!   

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